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EAC Retail Management Software

Jamaica's best Free Retail Management Software featuring Point of Sale, CRM and Inventory Management Software.
Current Version

7.0 (Updated Mar 30, 2020)


Windows XP and newer


$0.00 to $20 USD Per terminal/month


MS Access, MSSQL & MySQL

A reliable community based point of sale system for your retail business.

EAC RMS is a community based free POS System, perfect for small and medium-sized businesses. Run a single or networked group of Smart Cash Registers, Manage Inventory, purchases, manage employees, create customer Accounts and more.

The community edition is 100% free. It includes 1 to 5 stations, 200 products and 6 employees.

The days of traditional cash registers are long behind us. Modern POS solutions are flexible and offer a wide range of technical functionalities. This is the moment where you get paid for the exchange of goods or services. So you want the transaction to benefit the customer, while simultaneously making things as easy as possible for your business.

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your existing POS software or buy a brand new point-of-sale system for your startup, EAC may be the best choice for you economically and based on your business's needs.

"EAC's RMS is great, it's very easy to use, needless to say, that it is user-friendly, now I can track and monitor my business with ease. Thank you so much for such a great system, keep it up, guys!"- Chris from CG Truck Parts & Accessories Jamaica


  • Sales Control (POS)
  • Inventory Management
  • Cash Register Control
  • Double Entry Accounting
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Suppliers Management
  • Human Resources
  • Back Office
  • Sell online(e-commerce)
  • Reports
  • Human Resources
  • Data Management

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Frequently Asked Questions

A POS system is software package that is frequently packaged with an accompanying compatible hardware package used to organize and operate your business. The software links your customer service, inventory, accounting, payroll and other departments within one program, which helps centralize your administrative tasks. Using a POS is tremendously time-saving and efficient compared with the alternative of using separate software to manage each area.
It can also improve the customer experience with efficient sales programming, reduce waste with automated inventory reconciliation and expiration and ordering alerts, and prevent theft.
A retail management system (RMS) is a platform that combines several useful tools to aid in running a retail store or chain, such as inventory management, point of sale (POS), and customer relationship management (CRM).
Our POS system comes with an offline mode and will continue to work, even during a server interruption. When the connection re-establishes, the data from the offline transactions are uploaded to the memory for use in transaction details and reports.
Yes. We suggest you install Anydesk Remote Management software on your allways-on database server. Your can then access that server from anywhere in the world from any device.
Customer details and sales reports organized by customer can be retrieved efficiently with our POS, and will organize the information into reports with customized categories for optimizing comparisons and applying the data to future planning.